Data Destruction

The longer an off-network IT equipment sits, the more its value declines, thereby leading to more losses and wastage of space.

Reclaim-UK Buyback Program

The longer an off-network IT equipment sits, the more its value declines, thereby leading to more losses and wastage of space. You can exchange that surplus or out of date IT equipment for some usable equity for your business or even for cash. We ensure quick and stress-free removal of such equipment from your premises.

Our buyback program involves removal and resale of any or all of your business’s surplus or outdated network IT equipment.

The demand for used IT equipment is high, and thus you can give us a call anytime you need to dispose of IT equipment. We will come and evaluate your equipment and give you a good price based on its current condition.

What do we buy?




VoIP Phones


Networking equipment

SAN and NAS equipment

Video conferencing equipment

Processor & Cpu


How do our Buy Back Program work?


We will ensure all the necessary paperwork and documents are in order before sending our experienced technician to pick up, load, and transport the computer equipment and IT hardware to our warehouses.

All our processes are done in a timely, professional manner.

Inspection and Audit

We also inspect, test, and also record serial numbers, model, and make of all of the items in your company.

When buying items from you, we remove any identification tags to ensure that any equipment is not traced back to your company.

Data Destruction and Recycle

With us, you can rest assured that all the sensitive data you want to be erased and destroyed will disappear.

Our non-obtrusive erasure process, which has data erasure and IT shredding equipment, ensures that work is done in a professional, thorough manner.


After approving of the value of your equipment, we access it and send you immediate payment.

Selling your surplus IT equipment is an easier way to getting quick cash as a company. And with us, you can be assured of a quick sale.

We have been in this business for 13 years, and in that, our team of experts has created a network of clients around the world who are in need of like-new IT equipment.

Reclaim-UK is your go-to place when you want to dispose of your assets professionally and within the stipulated EU WEEE guidelines.


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