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ITAD Consulting

We ensure secure and environmentally safe disposal of all your IT assets

One of the commonly asked questions people ask when acquiring a new computer is “what do we do with the old one?” Well, the answer is not as easy as throw it away. Numerous steps need to be taken, including data erasure and responsible recycling.

Our company offers End-to-End services such as data destruction, asset removal, remarketing, and environmentally friendly disposal.

A better way

We can assist you to get the best out of your technology.

Companies are actively replacing assets, including servers, computers, laptops, and storages, among other office equipment.

Poor disposal of your IT assets could result in data loss, data breaches, security concerns, and fines.

Reclaim-UK is your go-to place when you want to dispose of your assets professionally and within the stipulated EU WEEE guidelines. As a certified partner, we ensure that we recycle, erase, and destroy your sensitive data responsibly.

Asset Disposition services

Affordable ITAD Services Reclaim-UK

Among the Asset Disposition services we offer include:

  • Removal of ongoing, regular refresh cycles or one-time equipment
  • Data centre infrastructure and traditional end-user devices removals
  • Consultation services to determine whether assets should be refurbished, resold or recycled
  • A reliable network of secure ITAD resources, freight carriers, and recycling partners

ITAD Benefits

ITAD services help you reduce the total cost of ownership

At Reclaim-UK, we can help you enhance your business services, save money, and reduce legal risks.

  • We ensure a single point of contact for your assets throughout the whole disposition process
  • Minimize the risk of losing intellectual capital with our secure processing, with a comprehensive chain of custody
  • You can maintain compliance with local, national and vertical regulatory bodies

We are fully compliant with the EU WEEE directive


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