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At Reclaim-UK,

We keep consumer data safe to prevent a breach.

Data Security

The fear of sensitive data being recovered from old equipment is one of the main obstacles to re-use. Having a certified, compliant partner to deal with your old equipment is a critical consideration in preventing a data breach.

Reclaim-UK boasts specialized expertise to carry out certified data destruction services and complete disposal. Therefore, you can rest assured that any data stored in your computer hard drives and any other IT equipment doesn’t end up in bad hands.

GDPR Regulation

European General Data Protection Regulation

Reclaim-UK is GDPR Complaint!

The European General Data Protection Regulation is recognized as one of the major changes to data protection in Europe. As a result, it’s important to know what this change is all about, particularly for your data management and protection.

Although the change was developed in 1995, it is until April 2016, that GDPR was adopted and then became fully applicable in May 2018. Any company and business that is not complying with this change face legal and financial penalties.

Not to mention, penalties could be as high as 4% of a company’s global revenue. Additionally, businesses that breach the UK Data Protection act face a penalty fine of £500,000, so this is a considerable step up.

Precisely, GDPR is:

  • Enforced in all European countries
  • A legal requirement for all data operators
  • Vital for any business or company that handles data belonging to European citizens and residents
  • Essential for companies in the EU

Reclaim-UK is your go-to place when you want to dispose of your assets professionally and within the stipulated EU WEEE guidelines.


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